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Simplelady Quilts
I am so blessed to make quilts almost everyday - I teach,
sell patterns and custom make Kits! 
I enjoy the process of collecting and designing just the right coloring for a quilt pattern or design and this process leads me to making kits for many of my designs.  I begin with a color or fabric that strikes my fancy and then build from there, so most of my kits are designed from my stash or a new collection I can't resist.  If you see a design/pattern you like and you are struggling with the right fabric choice, let me know - I can help.  Meanwhile, I have prepared kits ready to go that match the coloring I have used or it is the exact coloring.  I try to keep my prices at the lowest cost to share the beauty!

Quilts & GiftsMany times I need to sell me quilts just to make room for new designs - that's where you come in....
I found a note on Facebook called "Why do quilts cost so much"  The article was very true, however recovering the cost of quiltmaking is not often practical.  Therefore I offer my finished quilts at a discounted price.
Some of my treasures have once in a lifetime fabrics and are so special - take a look & enjoy!