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About Ladylike Designs

My brochure

I enjoy spending my time designing patterns, teaching classes or workshops with or without a lecture.  I enjoy meeting new people and especially quilters.....  I've been sewing most of my life and dived head first into quilting when I made a quilt for a charity.  I spent 3 years in training you might say as I took every class available and learned every technique I could and launched into designing my own quilts.

We offer accessible patterns that have a special twist or unique effect that inspired us and will hopefully inspire you as well. We find it especially exciting to create a look markedly different than the one presented on the cover of the pattern. Be sure to notice “our” versions of the pattern.
In our effort to inspire and educate we have created our own pattern line where we strive to create projects that are visually intriguing but are a cinch to make. We want you to enjoy the process of creating the quilt or tote bag – not be frustrated by it. We will continue to expand our pattern line and hope to include more totes and block of the month projects as well. Most of our patterns require fat quarters which make it easy to use any of the fat quarter bundles we offer as your color pallet.

Specialize in “hand picked” kits.
The fabrics in my quilt kits and color packs are specifically chosen for a variety of colors, values, textures and patterns to create a one of a kind look, but a close twin to the design.  The looks I create often come from a variety of fabrics and patterns, however sometimes the actual fabric is available and used to match the design.  I have a reputation for color design and a particular color or value required to complete the beauty of a design, our assure you I match patterns as much as available.  Most of my kits are made in very limited numbers, so if you like something, I recommend purchase as it may be quickly gone.

If you like the color of one quilt but the pattern of another, please let me know, I'd see what I can do to accommodate the pattern and kit for you!

The majority of my “kits” and 'Color Packs" are fat quarters so I can mix and
match as needed for any pattern.

At this time I only carry the notions necessary to complete my designs or patterns. 
I carry these notions to expedite the supply process when purchasing a pattern or kit.

Color Packs:

My color packs as purposely and carefully coordinated by colors, pattern or design.  I choose each fabric with an eye toward what a quilt or a start on a specific quilt.  I list the suggestive patterns for each color pack.  My goal in mixing the fabric by design, value or color is to bring a fresh and simple look to help the beginning process of planning a quilt.   It is a fun process choosing choices for color packs, however for some it is a stumbling step in the process of planning a project - I hope my color packs will make this process much easier for you.

I've spent the last 22 years teaching, designing and lecturing (mostly on color and design) and loving every minute of it!

I have many designs to choose from and I hope you enjoy browsing through my patterns!  I also enjoy designing quilts for publication or events.  My  quilt patterns have all been made with the best instructions
and plenty of pictures!

I ventured into quilt shows and discovered I love it!  What a great way to meet new quilts and share my designs.  If you would like me to attend your quilt show, please contact me through email

I am blessed to have a very giving family who understands my passion for fabric and thread - they support me in every way and I'm lucky to have many generous quilting friends as well.  I'm also involved with a special group of quilters that  I sew with who have taught  me more than I have taught them.

I hope you enjoy my website and find something you like to inspire your quilting desires too!

Blessings, Bev Remillard