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Dresden Dreams Custom Quilt

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This design is wildly popular!  I've taught this class many time for many years but now I'm choosing to offer as a Custom Quilt Design.  I will prepare this design for you or someone special.  I love the look of dresdens and how fast they are to make. Some dresdens are pointed and some are rounded, but they all have their own personality.  There is a bit of applique by my hand and also by machine.  I love preparing the fabrics and colors and the quilt I make for you will be done in similar colors to the photos.  I can make in other colors if you like - we can discuss with order.  

Sizes I offer are Designer or Queen

The cost is broken down by my cost, fabric cost and finishing cost (which includes quilting).  

I promise I will complete to your satisfaction and you can choose a 3 payment plan if you prefer.

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