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Dresden Dreams Sampler
Fabric Kit is now available (limited quantities)

How long I have waited for just the right collection for Dresden Dreams Sampler quilt!!
Im so happy to say I have found it....
The original design was made 4 years ago, so the fabric choice was long gone.
I've had many followers who love the original colors and patterns of the first line of fabric,
but waiting has been a blessing!!

I am now able to make kits for the Dresden Dreams Sampler quilt which I made 4 years ago.
I've have many request for this fabric and for kits.  I will have limited number of kits available but they are ready now!

I have priced the Kits at a reasonable price which include approximately 10  yards of fabric from 42 color and pattern choices.  Each kit includes all the fabric necessary for the quilt top plus the background, sashing, sides and binding.  You will need to 
purchase the backing.

I also have available a full color workbook bound for easy viewing (this is the pattern to all the designs), priced separately.
Sampler Kit   Click here
Workbook (pattern)   Click here

I've always loved dresdens and how pretty they look in all kinds of fabrics. 
I was determined to make a dresden quilt, but I was more interested in having a variety of dresden blocks than just one choice (as lovely as they are). 
So I started playing with the designs and soon my sewing room was a mess! 
                                                                                                           A sure sign I had created a quilt I could be proud to own.   

Truly one of my most favorite projects! 

I also have a 2nd book in the works (due 2024) which will be filled with additional projects and patterns I've made
since the first one.  You can purchase the Dresden Dreams workbook here.
   I will be offering a soft pastel fabric collection in the near future.  Make sure to register for my mailing list so you can be notified when it arrives.
Can't wait to see your own Dresden Dreams quilt!