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Fandango quilt kits, pillow kits and suggested mug rug designs ready for you!!  Fandango is a beginner quilt focusing on dresdens - an easy and simple design with lots of color and personality.  I made the blocks with some of scrap fabrics and I loved the way they looked together so I made another one for a pillow.  I've made tons of mug rugs but this one matches this fun quilt.  

Beginner quilts are mostly for skills like rotary cutting, choosing fabrics, etc.  This beginner class is for a novice who has already learned those important skills but would like a project with a tiny challenge - this is it!!  I am preparing a video with 2 classes for a quiltalong s you can watch as we go along,  This kits are for those who may not want to choose fabrics or just like the ones I chose - they may vary as a sell out.

Quilt size is 52 x 67
Pillow is 12" square
Mug Rug is 10" x 8"