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I love making quilts, even ones I've already made!  The design process is so much fun, that only making the quilt once seems unfair - thats how I can help you!  If you look through my quilts and patterns and find a favorite, send me a note to see if I can custom make for you.  As of now I have 6 Quilts listed to choose from but as you can see I've make many more, so just take a look and lets talk.  

Each custom quilt price covers the cost of my time, design and fabric - its important to note I will choose the fabric from my inventory based on the colors of the sample or your choice.  for example I have made Charade in colorful, soft  yellow and complimentary colors.  But if you decide you would like the quilt in blue or green or another color, I will prepare a palette of my fabric choices for you to approve and then the cutting & piecing begins.....

I may send you questions or photos as I go along just to keep you posted.  As far as the process;

Step 1.  Place the order, make the down payment (I cannot start any work until the down payment has been made, if you do not like the colors or fabrics I am choosing, you must tell me because once I begin cutting and piecing, there will be no refunds)
Step 2. Choose the fabrics and colors - email approval (I will send you an email and you will approve  so the process can begin)
Step 3.  I get to work making your most specific and special quilt - thank you for the order.
Step 4.  Second Payment - ( will send you a payment notification when I am part way though.
Step 5.  Final approval of quilt top, final payment to me.
Step 6.  Quilt goes to quilter or you (when we reach this point, my work is pretty much done except If you use my quilter who has many references and does all my quilts with excellent work.  We work very closely to decide the most complimentary design for for the quilting to match the top based on the design of the quilt.  There is an additional charge for the quilting (standard rates)
Step 7.  Binding is the finish to your masterpiece - I add the binding and prepare for shipping to you.

You're probably surprised there are this many steps to getting a custom quilt made, but I promise the process goes very smooth and there will be plenty of communication between you and me. 
If you and I have already made contact, this is a good time to make the down payment and lets get started - I look forward to making your quilt.

I know how exciting the prospect is to owning a custom quilt, even if it is for someone else, however I have a strict rule of "No Peeky til top is finished" but if I should need your approval in the process I will contact you.  The process of preparing and make a quilt is creative and even challenging, so I appreciate your respecting this rule.  

Sometimes I will have suggestions to add to the finished quilt, like a matching pillow or a bed runner, etc

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