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Dresden Dreams Workbook

Dresden Dreams Workbook

Welcome to Dresden Dreams workbook. The perfect project to learn dresdens and various techniques for your very own dreamy quilt.  To show off the variety of dresdens and colors, i chose 7 different types of dresdens. Some are pointed, some are rounded and some are both, but they all have their own personality for fun. The only applique you need to worry about is The center circles which can be done by machine (of course you can do by hand and I will include instructions for glue method applique) but I wanted to make this a project as simple as possible.  

The workbook contains all the lessons with complete instructions and full color pictures as well as necessary templates.  

Visit my facebook page to share your block photos and of course your finished quilt.  This is also a great place to ask any questions or you can email me directly.

Need any more info, send me an email