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Welcome to Bev's Fabric Shop
I've been quilting for so long my stash has out grown my needs - That sounds funny!  But the truth is I just have too much fabric and it must go!
Begin with 1 yard cuts, 1/2 yard cuts and precuts.  More to come....

Fabric is sorted by color and each color has a value of its own, for example the color Blue has light, medium and dark variations - it also has variety of color choices.  For this concept I sort by Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Periwinkle Blue, Navy Blue and so on.  As you look at the fabric each group with be listed with an alphabetical letter to guide you when you make your choice for purchase.  

Speaking of purchasing, the varieties do not mean different prices - all 1 yard cuts are $8.00 (thats right a roll back price of $8.00 per yard).  I would also like to include a discount of 15% when you buy 3 or more (the system will apply for you with the code word SWEET19)

Browse as you like, I promise some of these fabrics are valuable and the finest cotton fabric you can find.

If you have any questions, send me an email

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